Weller Book Works Presents Susan Nguyen, Sara Sams, and Bo Schwabacher

Sep 10, 2021, 6:00 pm

Weller Book Works is excited to host Asian poets Susan Nguyen, Sara Sams, and Bo Schwabacher.

Catch the event at the Weller Book Works Utah channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcQqlhbPwo_YfzIBsh9lleA

Dear Diaspora is an unapologetic reckoning with history, memory, and grief. Parting the weeds on a small American town, this collection sheds light on the intersections of girlhood and diaspora. The poems introduce us to Suzi: ripping her leg hairs out with duct tape, praying for ecstasy during Sunday mass, dreaming up a language for buried familial trauma and discovering that such a language may not exist. Through a collage of lyric, documentary, and epistolary poems, we follow Suzi as she untangles intergenerational grief and her father’s disappearance while climbing trees to stare at the color green and wishing that she wore Lucy Liu’s freckles.

Bo Schwabacher's OMMA, SEA OF JOY AND OTHER ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS is a book of equal parts defiance and grief. The Korean adoptee narrator speaks from a place often heavy with silence. Short lines suspended in white space speak to the tenuous grip, the narrow stairs that allow the narrator to contain herself, with great effort. Madness, spiritual cannibalism, and grief are ritualized, even washed here; each poem seems to bleed and then purify what was invoked in the last. These poems are exquisite―spiritual drama inside the charged theater of language."—Sun Yung Shin

“Each poem Sara Sams writes is a reckoning with man-made devastation. In her brilliant debut collection, she proves herself to be a poet of immense personal and historical depth as she investigates complicity in one of history’s most frightening discoveries: the atomic bomb. The result is a haunting and intimate conversation about language and truth.”

–Diana Marie Delgado, author of Tracing the Horse, a New York Times Noteworthy Pick

This program is made possible with support of Weller Book Works.

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