Melissa Marsted - Torrey

Oct 2, 2021, 11:00 am


Melissa Marsted

Book Title

The Mystery of Luci's Missing Lantern



Southeast Region


The Old House at Center and Main
9 W Main St
Torrey , UT 84775-7728
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Join, Luci, a western firefly as she emerges from her pupa/chrysalis and becomes an adult in search of her missing lantern. Luci begins her new life in Cutler Marsh, outside of Logan, Utah where she meets a blackbird and a pelican. Do they know where her light is? She takes the readers into Logan Canyon, meeting a moose and her calf, some bats in Logan Cave, a bluebird at Jardine Juniper and other birds, fish, and mammals along the way. The animals encourage Luci to keep going in search of her missing lantern, but only time will tell when she will find out the truth about her light. Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of fireflies and why they glow? The Mystery of Luci’s Missing Lantern is filled with creative and joyful illustrations to spark your interest in this unique insect and Cache County.Firefly Park draws visitors annually to witness the magic of hundreds of western fireflies in late spring and early summer.

This program is made possible with support from Utah Humanities and The Old House on Main and Center.